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冷熱兩用汽車坐墊丨 Hot and cold car seat cushion


***嚴禁盜圖及文案, 違者必究!!!

冷熱兩用汽車坐墊丨 Hot and cold car seat cushion

採用優質 PU 皮革和 3D 透氣網布製成,柔韌有彈性,易於拆卸,耐用,七層前衛設計,保護身體。



規格:44.0 cm * 42.0 cm * 6.8 cm




  • 7天內品質問題包換

生產國: 中國


1. 此為外銷產品, 圖片,包裝盒及介說明只提供英/日文或中文(簡體)

2. 由於燈光及量度關係, 真實產品或許存在少許誤差, 一切以實物為準

The pain points of driving

1. In the hot summer sitting in the car, even if the air conditioner is turned on, the parts of the thighs, buttocks, back, and crotch that touch the chair will still sweat, and there will be odors.

Because the body is in direct contact with the original car seat, there is no air circulation, so that the heat cannot be dissipated.

In addition to feeling damp and hot, it is also one of the causes of hemorrhoids, heat rash, rash, prostate, inflammation, and other problems.

2.In the cold winter, due to the cold seat, thighs, buttocks feel cold, uncomfortable.

3.Normally in the sun exposure of the vehicle about 1 hour, the car seat temperature more than 122°F, some areas even reached more than 158°F.

When the car cooling is started, the original seat needs to be cooled from 122°F to 86°F, which takes about 20 minutes.

To solve the pain points

1. Due to the low surface temperature of the air conditioning cushion and the ventilation and heat dissipation inside, the body will naturally not sweat, <

cool and odorless, and other diseases caused by humidity and heat will gradually disappear.

2. In the winter, the heat of the car is sent to the cushion, so that the cushion can warm up quickly, reducing the pain of coldness.

3.The air conditioning cushion can make the cushion can reduce the temperature from 122°F to 86°F in about 5 minutes.

It can cool down quickly and save a lot of time.

Are you still worried about high temperature in the car, hot seats, a short time can not cool down, Especially a car in the hot sun?

the cushion can immediately cool down the cushion,

Made of high-quality PU leather and 3D breathable mesh cloth, Flexible and elastic, easy to disassemble and durable, seven layers of avant-garde design, protect the body,

Core technology centrifugal fan, USB link head, Easy to carry, easy to install, Three gears adjust the wind speed, Continuous absorption of air conditioning, to achieve rapid cooling,

The cushion not only can let your car quickly cool down, refreshing and comfortable, can also help you dehumidify,anti-perspiration,relieve fatigue,

Silica gel non-slip, soft material, good adsorbability, removable and safe to use,

The cushion is fully functional and easy to use, Let you in the driving process more comfortable,

Private cars, online cars, taxis, long-distance trucks, all can be used.

The cushion protects your escort for your health.

  • 【Excellent Performance of Core Technologies】 The Air-Conditioning cooling car seat cushion uses a special high-speed fan to continuously absorb the cool air or warm air at the air conditioning outlet of the car and covers the whole car seat cushion with PE three-dimensional support space and vertical and horizontal transmission, so that the cool air or warm air in the cushion space is evenly distributed, to achieve the effect of rapid cooling or warming.
  • 【Avant-garde Design Comprehensive Upgrade】 The car seat cooler cushion is made of high-quality cotton material 3D breathable mesh fabric is fabricated, flexible and elastic, easy disassembled, removable, and durable. One cooling seat cushion 7 layers, plus care, quality assurance.
  • 【Dehumidify and Sweatproof, Comfortable and Refreshing】 When the car seat cushion is filled with cold air or warm air, the gas is continuously scattered upward, so that the contact surface of the body keeps efficient heat dissipation or warmth, so that the body does not sweat because of high temperature, and keep the body dry and comfortable. This unique seat cushion for the car is warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • 【Easy Operation, One Key Switch】 The cooling car seat cushion uses the cool air or warm air of the car air conditioner itself, the cool air or warm air can fill the seat cushion in only 2 minutes, and it circulates efficiently and can quickly cool down or warm-up. Convenient operation, safe and reliable, protect escort your health.
  • 【Relieve Fatigue Safety Escort】 The high-temperature environment causes the human body to sweat a lot, which consumes the human body's energy and causes the human body to be tired easily. This Air-conditioning cooling car seat cushion can make the lower body fresh and sweat-free, reduce energy consumption, and thus maintain physical strength and safe driving.
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