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​電動削皮機 | Electric Fruit Peeler


電動削皮機 | Electric Fruit Peeler


Utility paring machine can not only function with 4* AA batteries (not included), but also can be used with the charger, charging when you use it (6V Adapter Included). Strong power, high working efficiency.

Our automatic peeler machine can fix the potato through the top movable fixed needle and the bottom holder, then just gently press the switch to start peeling automatically, A potato can be peeled within 10 seconds.

Durable ABS plastic and a non-slip base.Ultra-safe design, no need to touch or hold the vegetable or fruit while it is peeling.

Coming with 2* Replaceable Blades + 1* 6V Adapter which is quick & easy to scoop out the potato eyes, all the above tools are stored intensively underneath the peeler. Conveniently have access to all components.

The rotate express can peel potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, apples, pears, oranges, lemons, persimmon, mango, kiwi, cucumber, radish, papaya, and some other smooth hard fruits and vegetables.

How to peel fruits and vegetables

Center the food on the bottom food holder and press gently

Lower the upper food holder so that it grasps the food and holds it securely

Using the height adjustment lever, raise the cutter arm so that it rests on top of food to be peeled. WARNING: Do not grab cutter blade... it is razor-sharp!

While pressing lightly on the upper food holder, press on the power button. The skin peels off in one clean, continuous curl

How to remove peeled food

Lift the upper food holder from food and raise it to the top of the support column.

Grasp food, and using a gentle back and forth rocking motion, remove food from the bottom food holder pulling towards you. Do not yank your fruit or vegetable straight up from the bottom food holder. You don't want to accidentally swing your hand into the holder spike. WARNING: Do not grab the cutter blade... it is razor-sharp.

Trip off any deep potato eyes with the little plastic knife. Use the same knife to remove blemishes on fruit and vegetables


Material: ABS, stainless steel

Material grade: food grade

Remove the skin about 1mm

Color: white, black, green, red

Product size: 285 x 140 x 140mm/11.22 x 5.51 x 5.51in


Plugin the power or put a four-section AA battery, fix the fruit or vegetables, press the red button, and the machine will start peeling automatically.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


【操作方法】:插上電源或者放入四粒2A(5號)電池,將水果或者蔬菜上下固定,按下紅色按鈕即可,機器便會自動開始削皮。如表面不光滑的土豆或水果,可用機器底部的挖耳挖掉然後再削。水果直徑控制在5cm---10cm 高度在5cm---15cm,削出的皮約1毫米。


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