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60000mAh便攜式戶外電源套裝 | 60000mAh Portable Generator Set


***嚴禁盜圖及文案, 違者必究!!!

60000mAh便攜式戶外電源套裝 | 60000mAh Portable Generator Set

  • 多個大功率出電口
  • 多場合使用:
  • 支援3種充電模式
  • 套裝包括
  • 2 x USB 18W QC3.0快充
  • 200w AC 輸出功率
  • 100w DC 12V

汽車用電的設備, 露營, 戶外攝影, 無人機及搖控玩具操作, 緊急電源供應等...

  • 汽車充電
  • 太陽能面板
  • AC充電
  • 15V/3充電適配器x 1
  • 車用充頭x 1
  • DC轉點煙器接頭x 1
  • 主機x 1


輸出電流 10A

輸入電壓 13V-25V

輸出電壓 110/220V

輸出功率 200W

頻率範圍 50HZ

容量 60000mAh

*容量: 222Wh, 20Ah/11.1V( 60000mAh, 3.7V )

* AC 輸出: 200W/300W 最大, USB 5V-2.1A總共:3.1A最大,USB C 5-9V QC3.0

* DC 輸出: 9-12.6V/ 10A(15A最大)

* DC 輸入: 13V-25V/ 2.5A最大


* 充電方式: DC 適配器 / 太陽能板 / 車充12V端口充電

* 充電時長 :DC 15V/ 3A about 8 - 9 小時

*車充時間 12V端口充電 18小時至20小時

*太陽能板充時間 使用60W太陽能板 14小時至18小時

* M.S.P多安全保護

* 快速充電3.0,USB type-C型端口

* 用於家庭、野營、遠足、急救、CPAP機、或其他戶外活動等

* 尺寸:240x109x212.5mm

* 外包裝:350x160x235mm

* 重量:2.3kg

生產國: 中國



•由於燈光及人手量度關係, 真實尺寸及顏色或許存在差別, 一切以實物為準

•此為外貿產品, 包裝及說明只提供英文或中文(簡體)

Product Description

◆Powerful Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets: One AC(110V/120V/220V/240V) outlets deliver stable and mighty 300W,perfect for your small appliances on your camping or road trips.

◆Recharge Your Power Station Anywhere: Multiple ways to recharge the generator– wall outlet, 12-24V car charger and solar panel charger.

◆Backup Generator for CPAP and Power Outages: Colossal battery capacity, 270Wh, packed in a small size is a ready for hours of use when power outage or supporting your CPAP.

◆Worry-Free Dependability– Specially Designed With No Engine Which Means No Maintenance, No Fuel, and No Noise for Completely Silent Operation; Avoids Obnoxious Fumes With Gas-Free Use; Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection With Overheat Protection for Battery and Connected Devices

Output current 10A

Input voltage 13V-25V

Output voltage 110/220V

Output power 200W

Frequency range 50HZ

Capacity 60000mAh

*Capacity: 222Wh, 20Ah/11.1V (60000mAh, 3.7V)

* AC output: 200W/300W maximum, USB 5V-2.1A total: 3.1A maximum, USB C 5-9V QC3.0

* DC output: 9-12.6V/ 10A (15A max)

* DC input: 13V-25V/ 2.5A max

* Product certification CE/FCC/PSE/ROHS/UN3.83/MSDS/UL

* Charging method: DC adapter / solar panel / car charger 12V port charging

* Charging time: DC 13V-22V/ 2A about 4 hours-5 hours

*Car charging time 12V port charging 18 hours to 20 hours

*Solar panel charging time 14 hours to 18 hours with 60W solar panels

* M.S.P multi-safety protection

* Fast charging 3.0, USB type-C port

* For family, camping, hiking, first aid, CPAP machine, or other outdoor activities, etc.

* Size: 240x109x212.5mm

* Outer packing: 350x160x235mm

* Weight: 2.3kg



•由於燈光及人手量度關係, 真實尺寸及顏色或許存在差別, 一切以實物為準

•此為外貿產品, 包裝及說明只提供英文或中文(簡體)

生產國: 中國

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