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​免手洗吸水清潔拖把 | Self-Wringing Flipping Flat Mop


免手洗吸水清潔拖把 | Self-Wringing Flipping Flat Mop



四滾輪排水設計, 擠水更乾爽

強力吸水, 清楚更乾淨

直立式收納, 相對慳位

Product Feature

1. It is not easy to harden the cotton head, no need to wait when mopping the floor: no need to wait for soaking in water, the cotton head is soft regardless of dry or wet state, saving time and effort.

2. Comes with cleaning fluid, mopping more clean: the mopping head comes with a cleaning fluid, the cleaning fluid contains silicone components, stubborn stains will be cleaned by mopping.

3. Efficient and fast, absorb dirt: close to the ground, similar to manual mopping, powerful decontamination, and dust removal.

4. Fully upgraded, squeezing water on all sides is more efficient: fast squeezing water is drier than hand-wringing, easy to squeeze out oily and dirty water.

5. Easily drill seams, clean without dead ends.

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