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經絡按摩筆套裝 | Meridian Massage Pen Set



每天使用1-2次, 每次10-15分鐘, 連續10天使用為一個療程

可達致 通經活絡, 理療, 調整心血管經絡系統及身體免疫功能



初次使用, 請調較1-3檔, 慢慢適應


在錯的位置上, 會應到有少許痛楚

使用時如感到不適, 請立即停止使用

請抺乾雙手, 確實沒有水氣後才使用




生產國: 中國


1. 此為外銷產品, 圖片,包裝盒及介說明只提供英/日文或中文(簡體)

2. 由於燈光及量度關係, 真實產品或許存在少許誤差, 一切以實物為準


1. Why do I feel stung when using a pen?

When you feel stung, the pen is actually activating your skin rather than an acupuncture point.

1) Press the pen slightly harder to increase the contact area, which should cause less tingling.

2) Move the pen until the point is found.

3) If you can't tolerate any stimulation, please stop using it.

2. How to find the acupoint point?

1) Read the manual book, actually, the specific point varies from person to person;

2) Move the pen to find the point, if you feel trembling in this position, and in other positions, then you have found it;

3. How come my hand feels crampy?

The acupuncture pen is held in the hand, and the therapy point is used as a current loop. The current flows to the side with the smaller resistance, so you need to hold the pen with your whole hand (larger contact area, higher resistance), and then point the pen tip at the therapy point.

Meridian massage pens rely on electric currents to stimulate acupuncture points. Electric current flows from their tips through the human body to their ends. The end of the device will therefore carry a slight current, but that does not mean any quality issues with the product.


Meridian massage pen detects body acupuncture points through precise detection technology based on the low-resistance meridians.

It has 9 pulse rate settings, which you can adjust to your needs freely. And LCD screen displays its working status.

Each of the four replacement heads focuses on a different body part and offers a different level of pulse intensity for a more personalized experience.

This type of massage stimulates superficial acupoints with microbial electricity permeating the epidermal tissue.

An effective acupuncture experience that is painless and non-invasive with pulse electrotherapy.

This is a portable and extremely user-friendly handheld device that delivers electronic acupuncture. You only need one AA battery (not included) to use the pen in the affected areas and it will stimulate the acupuncture points in your muscles and heal your pain. Use it for traveling or just a long day at work.

It can be used to massage legs, arms, backs, shoulders, and more.

Functions of Meridian Massage Pen:

Health care function: the probe stimulates the skin, so you will feel a sense of sliding and acupuncture. When you place the machine over the relevant point, the sensation will be more intense. After using the machine, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. With the pen electro bodily stimulates our body, leading directly into the tissues, organs, and tissue lines, stimulating the bioelectric field, activating radicals, and regulating biological cells. This works to regulate absorption, conductivity, balance, metabolism, immune functions, and general health.

Meridian function: the joints play a vital role as points of confluence to the body. These are the points where toxic chemicals, cold water, salt, heat, and other waste blocks. Human bodies are also susceptible to arthralgia because of this. Using an acupuncture pen in the joints can remove the physiological waste, so you can feel relaxed and fresh.

Beauty care effect: the meridian energy pen's ability to lift the face can also be seen in removing the pouch, dark circles, wrinkles, making an immediate effect on the face. It's the right product for our daily beauty and health care needs.

Package includes:

1 x Energy Acupuncture Pen

1 x English Manual

3 x Head Type / 5 x Head Type (As you choose)

2 x massage gel with Retail Box (As you choose)

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