Flickering Ambient Light Bluetooth Speaker


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Flickering Ambient Light Bluetooth Speaker

Material: Plastic

Package Size:

120 x 120 x 168 mm


  • 10D surround sound: 40W high-power Bluetooth speakers, music is no longer exclusive to the ears, with 360 ° rhythmic light show to see the beautiful melody of music
  • Surround sound: enjoy the audiovisual feast, stereo amplification DSP audio technology, high-frequency and mid-frequency driver to bring 360 ° to fill the space of the vast sound, no matter where in the room can enjoy the audiovisual feast, adding charm to the space
  • Mellow subwoofer: even the air is trembling, two double bass storm port, bringing thick bass, sharp details, dynamic and powerful bottom guide speaker hole, to bring you agile intelligent and elegant 360-degree immersion experience new upgraded light effect portable version of the smart Bluetooth speaker
  • 360-degree breathing light effect: the integration of auditory and visual, the combination of indoor audio and integrated ambient lighting effects to adjust the panoramic dynamic lighting, selected close to nature to bring you to feel a peaceful sleep environment night, with a new visual dynamic way for you to experience the theater
  • Shock bass: 52mm full-range loudspeaker, acoustic large diaphragm, superimposed 52mm high woofer bass under the shallow outstanding thicker and more textured, experience the surging bass straight to the heart good sound quality has to match the high power, instant explosive power
  • Independent rotary: more convenient and faster, the knob leaves the initial position that is turned on, easy to dial the knob left and right to adjust the volume of the size of the three adjustable lighting life should be so, music and lighting envelope the whole room
  • Small body big energy: power lasting life, built-in long-lasting lithium battery low-power design default volume of about -6 hours of continuous listening, electric intelligent battery management system charging safer to play while charging
  • A variety of playback modes: enjoy the different dynamic listening, Support AUX audio line play, Bluetooth connection, plug-in-play TF card plug-and-play, support offline lossless, fully compatible with a variety of devices and systems connected to meet your playback needs anytime, anywhere
  • Specification

    Battery capacity: 1 800mAh 18650

    Speaker diameter: 52mm

    Speaker power: 3 ohm 5W*1

    Signal to noise ratio: 285db

    Frequency response range: 200HZ-20KHZ

    Wireless range: ≥10 meters

    Appearance material: PC+ABS

    Playing time: listening time 5-6 hours

    Function: Bluetooth, TF, candlelight

    Color: black, pink, green

    Size: 110*148mm

    Package Content: 1 x Bluetooth Speaker

    Place of production: China

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